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Hi, I’m Leanne Heslop

Hi, I'm Leanne, I'm a passionate, dedicated horsewoman who is a Senior Accredited Professional Coach, Accredited British Show-Jumping coach &  young horse rider and trainer.

I offer freelance coaching and riding services in the York & surrounding area. I specialise in show-jump coaching and training, however I enjoy coaching and helping anyone who has a passion for horses and a desire to learn. I have a kind empathetic approach that will challenge & push your comfort zone whilst building confidence & motivation empowering you to achieve your goals. 

Your horses welfare is a top priority, over recent years, I have learned and developed a kinder, more natural approach to working with horses, both on the ground and under saddle, enabling me to listen and communicate to the horse gaining a deeper understanding & awareness of natural horsemanship, I have integrated some techniques into my training and coaching methods with great effect.

Every horse and rider partnership is unique, therefore my approach to training will adapt to your individual needs.

Leanne at a showjumping competition
Leanne at a dressage competition

A bit about me

My 30 year journey working with horses thus far has taken me to some exciting places around the world, and I have been very lucky to train with and ride for some amazing horsemen/women, riders, coaches, top grooms and other professionals  who have all had a stamp on my knowledge and techniques, not just in show jumping, but eventing, dressage, racing & hunting allowing me to attain a vast amount of knowledge and experience. 

I have worked as a Senior Coach in Singapore, Young horse rider in Australia, riding school manager, yard manager, sales producer, livery manager, SJ rider & many other posts in the UK & Ireland.

I'm constantly striving to learn and improve, you can never stop learning with horses. I attained my BHSII certifcate in my twenties, then went out and gained invaluable worldly experience. I recently attained the UKCC coaching for BS level 2 and am currently participating in the level 3. My coaching goals in 2025 are to become a level 5 performance coach with BHS for show jumping and to become a mindset/NLP/positive psychology coach. 

Leanne & team representing the UK
Leanne coaching at a shojumping clinic

My coaching philosophy

My coaching philosophy centres around treating each horse and rider partnership as a unique combination and adapting my training methods and style to suit each individual partnership whilst still maintaining a solid foundation of correct training and management. 


I believe we need to listen, watch and learn the language of the horse, I believe the horse is always trying, and faults/problems are always human or pain induced in the beginning. That's not to say they are not ever cheeky, or clever, or may take an easier or different option, because they will, it's how we as riders and coaches react and respond that makes a difference to the future of the partnership and trust of the horse. 


My training is process and progress driven, creating goals, making a plan, enjoying the journey, taking the rough and the smooth, it’s never perfect, every mistake is an opportunity for further growth and learning. I work on a long-term solid training system for consistent results rather than quick fix solutions and instant results. There are no quick fixes with horses, it will come back somewhere down the line. 


My core values when training horses and riders are patience, consistency, timing & trust. Less is nearly always more and I try to keep things simple & fun.


I have a positive, no-nonsense, rider-centred approach encouraging empowerment and self-learning, building confidence whilst still challenging and pushing that lovely comfort zone we all like to stay in. I'm invested in my riders and their horses outside of coaching sessions giving time and advice on all matters of horsemanship. 


I want to help create, establish and prolong a happy, harmonious successful partnership between horse and rider who can achieve their dreams and goals whether that be success in the ring, a bond and communication in training or overcoming behavioural challenges.

Leanne coaching at a polework clinic
Leanne spending time with the horses

What motivates me

  • To pass on and share knowledge & wisdom, connecting with other coaches & professionals, learning new ways with like-minded trainers.

  • To promote an open, friendly, inclusive sport always putting horse welfare as a top priority.

  • The satisfaction and pride in being a part of someone's journey, watching them grow and develop.

  • To achieve success, not only in competition but in producing all-round riders and horsemen/women.

  • To continue to learn and develop myself as both a coach and rider. 

  • To become the best I can be for the horses I ride and the riders I coach.

What you’ll learn from me

Through my coaching I aim to inspire and empower riders to give them:

  • Understanding of speed, pace, power and distances for riding a course of show-jumps relative to height & technical difficulty of the track.

  • Understanding and awareness of body balance & position, effective use of aids & communication, strength and coordination.

  • A variety of exercises to improve suppleness, elasticity, straightness, rhythm, stride length, adjustability, technical understanding and tactical decision making.

  • Becoming a complete horseman/woman - managing the horse outside of training.

Leanne coaching a private showjumping lesson
Leanne Heslop Showjumping Coach

Services & Prices

Confidence Coaching

Training sessions that are progressive and confidence building

Ground work training

Goal setting

Confident mindset and strength based training

I offer:

Performance Coaching

Training sessions in preparation for shows

Performance profiling of horse and rider

Goal setting

Annual plan

Competition planning and prep

Video analysis/reflections

Support at shows

Young Horse Training

Starting young horses

Schooling and producing

Behavioural challenges


I regularly run showjumping, arena evening, combined training and gymnastics/gridwork clinics at various equestrian venues in the York, Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire areas.

Coaching & Lessons

Coaching sessions at your yard/an arena you have hired:

  • 30 min private coaching session: £35 (individual)

  • 45 min private coaching session: £45 (individual)

  • 1 hour shared coaching session: £30 each (2 riders/horses)

  • 1 hour group coaching session: £25 each (3+ riders/horses)

I am also able to offer limited coaching sessions at my base at Plump House Farm:

  • 45-60 min private coaching session: £40, plus £20 arena hire

  • 60 min shared coaching session: £30 each, plus £12.50 each arena hire

Riding & Schooling

Riding/Schooling sessions at your yard/an arena you have hired: £40. Session are for as long/short time required for the individual horse on that day.
I am also able to offer limited riding/schooling sessions at my base at Plump House Farm. Prices for lessons are as above, plus £20 per hour arena hire.
Schooling and training livery with me is available in a limited basis at Plump House Farm. Packages are tailored for your individual horse, so please contact me to discuss your requirements and for pricing.


For coaching and schooling sessions, travel rates are charged at:

  • 25p per mile from either my home or Plump House Farm (YO61 2RA) (whichever is closest to you)

  • Plus driving time if longer than 30 minutes each way

  • Travel rates will be reduced is 3 or more sessions at the same venue

Terms & conditions 

  • All private lessons are now on a prepayment booking system. You must pay for your lesson upon booking.

  • Cancellation policy, you will receive a full refund if you cancel before 48 hours.

  • For cancellations within 48 hours, it is at my discretion whether you receive a part refund. 

Upcoming Clinics

I regularly run showjumping, arena evening, combined training and gymnastics/gridwork clinics throughout the year. Equestrian venues for my clinics include Plump House Farm, Foxfolly Stud, Camden and Askham Bryan College.

If your venue is interested in hosting one of my clinic days, please contact me.


Please book your place on a clinic using the links below.

"Leanne has helped me immeasurably and I can't thank her enough!

My horse can be very tricky and we have had a few instructors previously that have written him off. Leanne took one look and said, 'I've seen a million like him', which filled me with so much hope.


In 8 months, training with Leanne, we have gone from him being backwards and not wanting to canter to a forward and interested horse confidently schooling at 90cm/1m. He truly has found his mojo for jumping again.


Leanne has given us both so much confidence; in our clinics but also schooling at home and at competitions."

Charlotte Ward

Charlotte Ward.jpg
Charlotte Ward 3.jpg

Get in touch

Call or Whatsapp me on:

07855 919 314

Plump House Farm, YO61 2RA

Contact Form

Thanks for contacting me,

I will get back to you soon!

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